Your Strategic Risk Management Portfolio (SRMP)

Step 1

  1. Your New Client Examination
    • The New Client Interview
    • Data collection including all relevant financial, medical, and personal information
    • Insurance history
    • Defining goals and expectations
  2. Personalized Risk Analysis and Diagnosis
    • A comprehensive detailed analysis and review of:
      1. Your existing insurance benefits and any changes necessary
      2. Personal and corporate/business/professional needs examination
      3. Partnership/shareholder issues reviewed
      4. New insurance required
      5. A search and comparison of new insurance plans including benefits and cost
  3. The Professional Consultation Process
    • Reviews and consultation amongst Protect specialists as well as your professional personal and business advisors. This includes accountants, lawyers, financial planners, and others
  4. Income and Wealth Protection Treatment Plan
    • A personalized “insurance treatment plan” is assembled, discussed, and presented to you, applicable family members, and other professional advisors. Every effort is made to address each and every issue of importance to our client’s complete understanding and satisfaction before proceeding.

Step 2

The Protect Underwriting Advantage Process

  • Clients who apply for new insurance protection, will enter our Protect Underwriting Advantage Process. This will enable you to obtain the fastest, AND best insurance offer possible from the insurance companies. In today’s insurance environment, the insurance underwriting process has become incredibly detailed and stringent. If not handled properly, your application may be declined or modified from a “standard” offer, and can even have negative implications at claim time. At Protect, we are proud to offer the following:
    1. A detailed review of each and every application to ensure it’s proper and thorough completion.
    2. Each application is mailed back to you with a summary in order to confirm details of all coverage applied for.
    3. We help you through the nurse and medical aspects of underwriting.
    4. We have our own underwriting specialist.
    5. At Protect, we have direct access to the underwriting administrators at a number of the major insurance companies. This way, we can direct your application through underwriting in the most efficient manner possible.
    6. Finally, you have our guarantee that we will always work our hardest to obtain the most favorable underwriting decision possible.

Step 3

The Protect Partnership Commitment

At Protect, we look at providing you with your Risk Management Portfolio as the beginning of our long term relationship We view our relationship like a partnership. As part of our long term commitment and insurance partnership with our clients, we promise to do everything we can to contact you on a regular basis in order to review and update your insurance portfolio. We feel that these reviews are imperative to keep your insurance current and in tune with your individual needs, as well as those of your family, and your business.

Step 4

Professional Claims Negotiation and Management Program

  • Becoming ill or injured can be the most difficult time in your life. As well, an untimely demise would be devastating for your family. This is why we consider claims management to be the most important service we provide. At Protect, we have assembled the most comprehensive claims program we have seen anywhere. This includes:
    1. One phone call to start the entire process
      • We will provide step by step instructions on how to proceed
      • Provide all necessary forms
      • Review each form for thoroughness, accuracy and completion, including all medically related reports
      • Assist in compiling all relevant financial information
    2. We establish direct and open lines of communication with your claims examiner AND negotiate with them if applicable
    3. We provide ongoing communication with you including the status of your claim
    4. We provide feedback. assistance and guidance in understanding the short and long term impact to your company, practice, or business
    5. For certain professions, e.g. dentists, we will even arrange for an appraisal and practice sale if necessary

In The News

  • January 31, 2017

    Reminder for our investment clients

    The deadline to contribute to your RRSP for the 2016 tax year is March 1, 2017. It’s a good idea to NOT wait right to the end. Nudge, nudge      Also, a reminder that the 2017 TFSA limit is $5,500 and your lifetime maximum contribution is now $52,000. Many are under the false impression that only Banks offer TFSAs….


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