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Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance is primarily intended to replace your income in the event that a disability completely or partially limits your ability to work. Depending on your income, disability insurance will replace between 40-80% of your gross income.

The amount that you qualify for is based upon your income. However, many individuals report as little income as possible in order to minimize taxes. This prudent tax strategy can reduce the amount of insurance that you qualify for, so it is crucial that you maintain the maximum amount of personal, long term disability coverage available.

Disability insurance can be complicated – with many options available.  It is important to speak with an Advisor who understands the various companies, the many product choices and all of your options.

Additional types of “disability insurance” include:

  1. Business overhead expense
  2. Partner/shareholder buy-out
  3. Key person
  4. Accident only
  5. Guaranteed standard issue programs

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