How do you pay your medical bills?

February 5th, 2016

You’re not alone if you say “I just pay for them out of pocket”, but you might be missing an easy way to save tax. This edition of TAXBITES discusses HealthPlus – our simple and inexpensive self-insurance plan for medical expense reimbursement that will save you a lot of tax.  There are no medical questions, it’s easy to use, and with no annual premiums, set-up fees or expenses, there is no downside to enrolling. It’s 2016, and with new higher Ontario tax brackets for high-income earners, the tax savings are as high as 49%.

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  • May 12, 2017

    Is HealthPlus right for you?

      HealthPlus is a Private Health Services Plan. Used by thousands of small business owners across Canada, a PHSP enables the business to deduct 100% of the family’s health and dental expenses incurred by themselves and their employees as a business expense. One of the great benefits of our plan is that it gives you…


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